how to set a table at 24

it's real easy.
because we don't own a lot.

The key is to not turn to
magazines for design
advice. buy buy

It's all about
the placement of
(just a few) objects.

and resourcing
cheap, found, basic
elements /materials

3 essentials

1. MUJI: I risk sharing this secret.
Ask store clerk for their trash bin of packing paper.
Pull it apart like an acordian. You'll see it makes insane patterns.
Cut paper into squares for a napkin detail and tie hardware
store bought twine around linen or a paper towel.

2. Grayline Fabrics on w. 39th.
Or go to any fabric store and buy
3yd of natural linen. Cut. Left overs for napkins.
1 yd of a linen and cut in a strip for a graphic table runner.
maybe a dropping of dried chamomile flowers in
the center of the table. something bright
to offset the neutrals.

3. Pearl River Mart
Forget crate&barrel /BedBath
It's all about cheap dishware from asian markets.
Go for white ceramic square sushi plates and buy
Sake glasses because wine glasses are so
old school and break too easily.

and that's it.

I could have ironed this fabric.
but i didn't. I'm 24.

I accept this imperfection.


Anonymous said...

simplicity is always the loveliest. thanks for sharing.

Erica Kelly said...

genius advice - so simple yet so chic.

please keep it coming :)

Anonymous said...

This is great at any age.... everyone needs to live like this....owning more as you grow older = loss of widom.

Nosideup said...

I just found out about your blog, and it´s grand!
Thanks for the Muji tip.
I´ll be back!


Love the Muji wrapping paper idea. At stores I usually ask for extra silk paper that i later reuse for wrapping gits. Clerks look at me like I'm a loony but it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Best post so far. I'll come for dinner anytime.


Anonymous said...

it's a swell imperfection

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Lee! xxooLynnda

Michael said...

fantastic tips!

i love the idea of using regular old paper towels. now i'm wishing i had a dining table to set.


Anonymous said...

Great Post, Lee. FYI, I'm going to try and watch every lost episode before the new season starts. It's an impossible task, I think, but a fun one.

Jeannie said...

looks fantastic lee, i think it works at all ages

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

That is perfection, from my point of view. Totally wonderful!

SASHA said...

a really nice post. esp. the photo of the 2 pieces of brown wrapping.

hmstrjam said...

accepting imperfections can be an enjoyable part of life!
love the stripes

Kate said...

Good lord I love Pearl River.

And, happy birthday, I had no idea you were so young (well, not that 24 is so so young but I just thought you were older)

Joslyn said...

absolutely beautiful. and applies at 24 and 34 (in my opinion ;-)

naomi megan. said...

i found you from joanna's.
and i think this simplicity here is genius.
i want to sit and dine there forever.