Jean-Pierre Leaud
captured the essence
of youth in truffaut's
400 Blows.

Leaud's presence,
on screen and off screen,
was hauntingly fresh and honest;
and that unforgettable run to nowhere
is something i think about often.
the best of youth.

the little sister

It's Clé and Jeanne's
older sister, Charlotte,
who designs their clothes.


Maia said...

I was wondering who was designing those wonderful clothes.

ro said...
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Anonymous said...

the essence of youth is change not ambiguity

LaurenC said...

These girls are sooooo chic!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! and very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

love truffaut!

Anonymous said...

I just put 400 Blows on my queue I am excited to watch it. Can't wait!!

Have you seen Day for Night? It is really good

jimena said...

no es increible el vestidor de jeanne???? I felt in love with them when I discovered them! there is something extrange that I can not understand and is why they dont have more comment in their blog.
may be you can answer me.