ready for the house

the coast is clear.
we can bring out
our flags again.

today was
a historic

nyc was on fire!

this is the america i know
and this is the america
I missed so much.
Its good to be

3 other
things that
make me happy:

rachel getting married

the impossible cool

around the world


Anonymous said...

you can be proud... bravo !

Anonymous said...

I agree, today feels different. Optimism! Excitement for what the future brings! and I want to travel like I used to before we invaded Iraq. I was never afraid, just really felt how all other citizens of the world felt toward us. WOOOWWW!

Anonymous said...

yes we did! so nice to have a young, bright, thoughtful and INTELLIGENT family in the White House. I feel lighthearted and hopeful....keep them in our prayers and meditations, lets move our country forward. This is the most wonderful thing about America...we are adaptable and we constantly remake ourselves, and I love the call to community service. An attitude much needed in this time of challenge!

H H A L F said...

Love your post. You always match the perfect image with current events. Things will get better....starting NOW!

Kate said...

wow, I am so addicted to that impossibly cool blog now!

liz song mandell said...

seriously...isn't it amazing how this election has brought back a pride in n.america that has been in hibernation for too long?

virginia said...

yes, i may buy a flag pin.
my wish came true this week with obama's election...many wishes grew legs, and marched to the voting booth.

Anonymous said...