today is monday

and there's nothing better
than seeing a blown-up photo
of Casa Malaparte hanging
in a dining room.

its very cinematic.

plus, each room in this
apartment has a frame
from another angle.

I'm not fond of movie posters,
yet I would be interested in taking
movie stills from my favorite films
and enlarging them into wall art.

it would add a bit of
irony and cohesiveness
to my apartment.

which film sequence
would you choose?


Anonymous said...

there is a moment in Everything Is Illuminated where the protagonist is looking out over a vista, two majestic oak trees symetrically placed in the middle of the screen. the foreground is a brilliant and living green and the sky is a transparent blue. the young man stands in middle of the frame with each tree as a border to his shoulders. we see him only as a figure dressed in black facing away from the viewer...really tender moment in the film and astoundingly beautiful visual for the audience. xxooLynnda

António Erre said...

I choose the House of the Salinas, at Donnafugata, in Visconti's Il Gattopardo.

PS: Love your site!


Such a cool idea. I'd say the scene in Rumble Fish where Matt Dillon is flying over his own body. And that shot of a wine glass falling in the water in Days of Heaven: this image has stuck with me for years.

Anonymous said...

If you are referring to the structure on Capri (the one eg in Contempt), it's Villa, not ville... Second, it's a house not an apartment...

And, why are movie posters ironic?

Anonymous said...

Such fun to contemplate.

Having been to your abode, it would add a dramatic and surreal quality to your very real world in New York! The juxtaposition would be ironic! GC

Kate said...

Wonderful idea. It would have to be something classic, but not too instantly recognizable to everyone. For me, maybe something from Citizen Kane or Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with you there..blowing up some frames would be good....

Anonymous said...

Probably a scene from the Red Balloon or White Mane. These two French films actually came together on one disc when I ordered the Red Balloon on Netflix. So good! Beautiful snapshots...
Here's a pic:

Anonymous said...

ah, the red balloon is a fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

lovely post

Anonymous said...

Very nice sharing starting with monday.. Liked all the pics and the post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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