The Great American Detour

everyone has a greyhound story...

the bathrooms stink,
the bus depots are depressing
and I once sat next to a recently
released San Quentin prisoner
for 4 hours on greyhound.

but I've also met some
really incredible people on the bus.
One man told me his story of heading
down to Mexico to try to bring his
family to the States and was
very nervous about how
he was going to
execute this.

With that said, The greyhound is
always a slow journey.

...and that's the beauty of it.
Driving through each state
is an incredibly intimate
& tedious experience.

In August,
my sister Lauren Cerre
& Tyler Manson did exactly this.

Carrying one small piece of luggage each,
3 note pads, a camera and some hand sanitizer,
Lauren and Tyler rode across America
for 2 weeks on a greyhound,

With each state border they crossed,
they jumped into stories that shed great
light on the tumultuous economic
& political climate of america.

And these stories come
straight from the people
living the issues right now and
will continue to do so everyday,
until some puts their foot down
and does something about it.


Great American Detour
premiers tonight
on Current TV
10 PM


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Anonymous said...

i love greyhound!! it is so neat to see someone else who enjoys taking the bus as a means of transportation for their travels. i usually hear a lot of people say they hate taking the bus to go places. but seriously, deep down, for me... i love that feeling of stepping onto a greyhound bus and that anticipation of being in a new place i have never been to. and yes, you meet a lot of different people and you see so much life and diversity. ohhh, you've inspired to write something about my love for greyhound buses. ahah. one of these days...
thanks for sharing


Kate said...

I'm taking the train to chicago for xmas instead of flying (my boyfriend is terrified of flying) and even though it will a be ridiculously slow way to get there(almost 24 hours), I think it will so much more interesting and will be so nice to see everything we pass out the window. Sometimes you gotta rock it old school.

Unknown said...

Very interesting!


Such an inspired family! I really appreciated your sister's documentary and all the issues it raises.

H H A L F said...

Thanks for posting L.


One of my top 5 joys in this life, is taking the Greyhound. You're right about the depot's questionable nature, and even suspicious people. However, sitting there as the bus does the gentle rocking across the roads, talking to people you've NEVER dreamed of connecting with.. it's an incredible experience.

I love being able to see the world through a dusty window pane, and the eyes of strangers.

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

In 1966 I took a Greyhound bus trip around the country. They had this $99 deal where you could ride continuously getting on and off. I visited all of the continental United States... I was 17, and it was an amazingly wonderful experience.

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