anita calero

has the best style.

I'm a big fan,
yet the surge of mid-century
is starting to get exhausting.
Is it just me, or is every
apt looking the same?

ah, but these interiors
are too beautiful to deny.

Calero has a natural restraint
with her mid-century decor
and doesn't sacrifice her
humble style for trend.

am I making sense?

another look.


Anonymous said...

"Clutter with restraint"... By that do you mean the well-placed object but not too many of them within a defined space?

Otherwise, not sure what you mean by that.

Courtney Cerruti said...

Bonjour- Your mom came into Maison Rêve today and introduced me to your blog. I do the blog for the shop as well as my own and was happy to find you! Beautiful and inspiring!

ro said...

really great! I remember seeing her East Hampton home and liking it. Where did you find these photo's?

erica lorraine scheidt said...

It's intimate, personal. So much mid-century decorating is less so.

Unknown said...

I love the homes of Anita Calero.
and I don't know if you were making sense but I understood perfectly.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see the unexpected.

Anonymous said...