maurizio pellegrin

my favorite artist.
and my former teacher.

190 bowery



J.M. said...

Nice work.

Your blog has pointed me to many new corners of the art & design worlds; thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

love the bowery story...he is living in his own planet! n'est pas? xxooLynnda

SASHA said...

art of arrangement. art. indeed.

Fine Little Day said...

I like!

mimarlikOfisi said...

dear l.cerre,

i enjoy checking your blog, your choices, a very good source of inspiration.
i met maurizio in istanbul and i also love his work. he will be opening an exhibition soon in istanbul i guess around november or december. on that note, i recommend that you travel to istanbul i am sure you will find lots of interesting stuff with your keen eye.
if you ever do plan such a trip let me know and i will help you with your accomodation,
with best
tulya madra

Anonymous said...