on the rocks


a good man.
a supreme writer.
I was once his intern.

the men we admire.

[NPR: my cancer]


keiko said...

hi, cerre.

your pictures always look fab.
this time, look familiar to me (from nyt?). and also found a familia name: leroy...i've just learned he'd passed away from your new post.

leroy had gone on my first anniversary of homecoming from hospital. my american friend told me of his blog when i was having a long and tiring radio-chemotherapy last year.

these days, i've visited his blog less and less frequently as i've made a good recovery. but yet, he didn't escape my mind. surely his fighting spirit will stay on.

it is a sad day for me. and i can imagine how his family and the people who were closer to him like you than his readers like me are feeling about their loss.

the only thing i am relieved about is, his battle is over. reloy is in peace at last. kt


bugheart said...

so sad to hear
he died today.
beautiful post.

Elizabeth said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I love the photo of the ping pong paddles. I'm so sorry to hear about Leroy.

Anonymous said...

A gentle giant who made sure the pain of Rwanda,Bosnia,Afghanistan and Iraq would be heard and seen, if not felt while the rest of the country was at the mall.

He shared a thimble of smuggled scotch in Kuwait before we headed into Iraq. He was the first to share a bottle when we made it back.

For those who never knew Leroy Sievers,be thankful that journalists like him were so totally committed to seeking answers and understanding to the incomprensible, even the cancer that took him from us.

His t-shirt tells it straight and to the point just like he demanded of all the stories he was responsible for on ABC-Nightline:
Cancer Sucks.

The big guy has risen.

ABC Nightline Embed #6

liz song mandell said...

my gosh...i want to be there...