a history of denim

demin, ie: jean
is probably the most
versatile and democratic
material in fashion history

and its a product of U.S.A.

we may not have couture or expert
european tailoring, but America
has always had its denim.
ah, the daisy miller of

denim transcends
social and economic lines;
blurring all notions of
causal / formal.

in the end,
it all comes down to the
individual and what he or she
is about at that very moment.
we wear denim.

then again, I still admire my
grandmother's incredible elegance,
and her refusal to wear denim at all costs.

there is a beauty in that as well.


SASHA said...

yes, i think often about the place and trajectory of denim, how we can read our social history in this fabric. it tells so many stories.

m.m. said...

i really like this. not just today. all the days. hello!

dobrya said...

i recently learned from an episode of Rick Steves' Europe that the basic origins of american 'jeans' comes from nimes, france--hence, 'des nimes' = 'denim'
neat eh?
love your blog.

Cerré said...

wow. that is so interesting. thanks for sharing! so i guess everything good comes from france...


astublieft said...

I tried to go denim free but my boots just wouldn't let me.

amy said...

do you misspell denim intentionally?
i don't mean to be critical. just wondering.

i really enjoy your blog.

Cerré said...

ah man! thanks for catching that! i can't spell for my life.

amy said...

it seems like exactly the kind of quick-typing mistake i'd make...and not a super-obvious one, at that.

jezebel said...

I'm lost in your archives, and Leroy's blog meant so much to my mother- I read his archives on his passing. A sweet diversion: "Ah the Daisy Miller of fashion!"