My fieldnotes tucked away by DeaPeaJay.

the things we carry

\"Paper and Staples.\"

people carry lots of different things
but there is nothing like that
one notebook in your bag
where you scribble
names, numbers,

The items I carry by timlahan.

Field Notes

around the world


Anonymous said...

hey lee!
i carry a moleskin and couldnt live without it...all my best finds and thoughts are entered there. so helpful to the aging mind! xxooLynnda

Anonymous said...


porter hovey said...

FABULOUS!!! Yes, I carry my moleskin around too. Can't leave home without it. Love everything else too!

Lark said...

I bought a new little otsu day timer/notebook last week. as I was paying I decided to count the note books. In my bag alone:
1 Moleskine NY
1 Muji weekly planner
1 tiny Japanese notebook
1 Yoshimoto Nara notebook
1 small yearly planner.

I still purchased the little otsu even though it's clear that an intervention is necessary.

Also, I love your blog!
-V (the other Lark)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs i would love to take field notes in something like that.

jordan said...

I read The Things they Carried in college and I still think about it all the time.

I always take a moleskin with me too.