ordinary objects

made less ordinary

_lost found art_

and looking forward to
zak kitnick's showing at
Salad Days III

ps: above reminds me
of Damián Ortega
here and here


liz song mandell said...

your title reminded me of an anthro concept where you make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange. it's amazing how shifting paradigms can change perspectives and understandings of "normal" things.

i roberti said...

Thanks for your blog...I love it
roberta (IT)

Anonymous said...

I love the lines.

nativekee said...

so so lovely! the tool displays remind me of the amazing collection of harvey fite at opus 40. i don't know how to make links here, but you can google... it is an amazing sculpture garden, created out of stone over 37+ years of one man's life.. & the little stone worker's barn where he housed his tools has the most incredible display of tools & chains & bottles... a great day trip from the city if you're ever interested... have a great day!

Anonymous said...

those little cutting tools are brilliant. easy concept, so tough to put together a nice collection.

Señorita Puri said...

wow, beautiful! there's a cafeteria in manhattan's soho with old tractor seats placed on the wall. it looks sooo cool. I was about to buy them for my house, but i guess it would look totally disastrous. sob sob...

Kind regards from a spanish blogger BTW,

Señorita Puri

PS. I really like this blog. will drop by more often