clé porte: une chemise
Junya Wantanabe

as you may see
i'm very much into
nautical stripes and
re-worked men's
shirts; collared

ps: looking-up at PS 1

to be contd..


Anonymous said...

The volume of the blouse!

porter hovey said...

The blouse is just amazing. A true classic with a fabulous hip spin to it. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I am reallyl ooking forward to meeting you on August 9th and hope everything is good. The picture on the top is amazing. I love the shirt

Jeannie said...

love. that. shirt. omg.

liz song mandell said...

what an intriguing angle to take that picture....i want to try it some time.

Anonymous said...

the ps1 photo looks really cool.

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, i LOVE that blouse. she is amazing and so young!