tank / jacket : an ode to the old ESPRIT

the ESPRIT era:

1. Esprit's Graphic Work 1984-1986
2. Esprit : the Comprehensive Design Principle

Olivero Toscani
Roberto Carra
Tamotsu Yagi

these books are a bit dated now,
but ESPRIT had a vision and had one
of the most innovative graphic
campaigns of all time.
Benetton too.

Oliviero went on to
launch COLORS magazine
and has yet another, youthful idea.

As for ESPRIT: a past-time.


Cerré said...
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Cerré said...

oh dear, I can't spell. I had delete my comment....


Now that I'm thinking, Esprit and "The United Colors of Benetton" were really the first designers to make political and social statements through fashion...like what we see today in Marc Jacobs and Gap ads, etc.

man, I'm blanking, what are some other really "edgy" fashion ads???

nonetheless, graphically speaking, these ads are quite provocative. But should fashion take the authority to speak on such matters (global warming, wars and poverty, etc)...when the advertisements are essentially promoting consumption?

just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

oh man i totally remember the second benetton ad of the dead soldier!!
and it is an interesting debate....i am hesitant to support fashion in "discussing" such global concerns in their ad campaigns...since it is only to provoke and promote consumption etc. but on the other hand...if it introduces or allows people to think beyond the first degree then maybe that is a good thing too. ???(but with tht said, i was really mad when diesel did the global warming campaign...)

Anonymous said...

i actually am in love with this post!