weekend retreat

Le Mépris (1963)
Jean Luc Godard, Brigitte Bardot and Fritz Lange
at Adalberto Libera's Casa Malaparte.
In the case of Godard's cinematographer:
Raoul Coutard:

architecture is cinema


Unknown said...

Oh, that house is everywhere now!

I just bought a Finnish book called "Arkkitehtien piparkakkutalot", which means "Gingerbread houses of architects". There are both existent and unfulfilled buildings from Finnish castles to this Casa Malaparte first as a photo or drawing, then as a gingerbread house. In the end of the book there are some tips and the patterns, how to make these eatable houses. (http://tammi.fi/kirjat/ISBN/

I believe I'm going to make Taj Mahal this year. :D

Anonymous said...

I love this house. I first saw it in a spread in Domino magazine, cinema and decorating. Brilliant.

Elena Ramírez said...
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Anonymous said...

nice blog, great house! however the second picture is not from casa malaparte, its from casa tolo by Arrchitect Alvaro Leite Siza