I'm not too young
to be a die-hard
Neil Young fan

For my 23rd birthday last week
I went to see Neil play
up at 175th St.

United Palace Theatre
is an old church converted
into a music hall. It was the
most spectacular theatre to hear
the godfather of grunge
play acoustic


The stage was sparse in it's
old railroad decor. It felt good to see
Neil in his comfort zone, instruments
strewn across the stage for his
"seemingly" improvised set list.
Felt just like Massey Hall.

It was as if Neil was
20 again, back in Winnipeg
...and playing for that sweet old man in all of us

so good.

(top photo: Robert Blane)


xola loves... said...

so good, indeed. you're so lucky!

Reference Library said...

happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. What a great time you must have had.... Look! Van Morrison played there recently, too.... Now I'm homesick. I gotta move back home.

Happy Birthday! Last week was my b-day, too! :)

fwuitbowl said...

Wow! I can't believe I missed this post before! You are so lucky! - I love Neil Young and that theatre looks so beautiful...

Happy Belated Birthday too...!

Henry Casey said...

I almost saw a concert at the United Palace Theater, but was told that since my ticket was GA, that I had to stand off to the side, my view blocked my columns, so I got a refund and left. Where were your seats?