albert maysles glasses

albert maysles is a filmmaker
with a sweet pair of spectacles.

so much so,
there is website
dedicated to them.


but if you really
want some serious eyewear
or even a killer watch,
ask an architect.


eg: mary of tgh architects
has the coolest tibor kalman watch.
"unexpected and untried"

1. 5 O'Clock
2. 10-One-4

our homework
is to ask an architect
and report back...

ps: i also have a thing
for tiny antique watches
with roman numerals.


Elizabeth said...

i also have a thing, they're so classic how could you not?

mdillon said...

Architects may have cool glasses but they almost always have bad shoes.

Mitzikat said...

No, ask an architecture student. :) Most architects I know have ridiculous style.. contrived and unoriginal.. and yes, mdillon, terrible shoes!

cerré said...

haha. that's why i only mentioned glasses and watches!

indeed, terrible shoes.



Malwina Witkowska said...

I wouldn't generalize, I am an architect and I think that some of us have good taste also when it comes to shoes :)

Brian Pidduck said...

Your comment regarding architects, eyeglasses and watches reminds me of William Morris: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

A very cool blog, by the way.

Brian (friend of the Mansons at Thacher)

medis said...

hm.. i am an architect. however . i haven't got any watch.. and i like my shoes. and I think that the shoes of my friends and colleagues are great! maybe it's just me - as a fellow architect - who is thinking this way about them?

If Jane said...

lovely post...
oh i had a chance to meet albert maysles....amazing man! truly! ;)

iñaki said...

ha, ha, ha... I am also an architect and I dont use glases yet, and neither watch and dear all, I only use shoes because nobady would trust me if I use my weekend flip flops... maybe it´s because I am also a surfer???

hello from spain