I normally don't post
products or publicity materials
that companies send me.

we have enough
things already

and i'm not here
to sell you more!

but i felt compelled
to share with you a couple
images from urban outfitter's
holiday 2009 preview.

ph: estelle hanania

UO is doing their homework.
cleaning up their looks.
editing down.


beauty comma said...

i'm right with you on the "enough things" issue! my exception might be eco friendly/fairtrade. but sometimes the photos in advertising campaigns are to great to ignore---

LaurenC said...


If Jane said...

love the looks etc but sadly their quality is going down...

Jeannie said...

im impressed.

ieva jansone said...

@ beuty comma: i agree with you. plus second-hand, i'd say.

i love especially the first picture. idea of setting the model on a pile of chairs! gives a beautiful rhythm..