"Los Angeles brings it all together"
said Mike Davis in City of Quartz

LA is like
a set designer.

it has a knack at pulling
the best of styles of different
historical periods & cultures
to create it's signature
bohemian style.

and its COMMUNE,
the architects & designers behind
ACE hotel, Heath Ceramics, etc.
who understand this about
LA better than anyone.

arts & crafts, wild west,
spanish mediterranean, bungalow,
modernism, east coast prep,
art deco, mid-century...

COMMUNE delivers
cool eclectic bohemia with
a 1930's hollywood undertone.

it's as if their clients still
live & breathe moving pictures.
the dreams, vices and nostalgia
that make los angeles unlike
any city in the world.

John Galliano's
sp 10 collection
say's it best.


nathaniel west's
day of the locusts

norma desmond
the aging movie star
in sunset blvd

murder, water rights
and city corruption

the bungalow interiors
of changeling are an incredible
portrayal of 1930's Los Angeles


T|B|M said...

YOU, like the best of the best set designers, also have an incredible ability to pull together a huge variety of inspirations and find the common thread.

thanks again for shedding light on interesting people (like those at COMMUNE) creating beautiful things for all of us to look at and dream.

one day I will have that tiled courtyard.

LaurenC said...

dreaming of the tile and a night at the ACE.

Ash said...

K, I kinda really want that yellow couch!!

fitz said...

You are right up there with those "set designers" you speak of. Is that your profession? It would make perfect sense.

"arts & crafts, wild west,
spanish mediterranean, bungalow,
modernism, east coast prep,
art deco, mid-century..."

It's interesting, in Southern California, various groupings of these words apply to many locales but only in LA do they all make sense. A true aesthetic hodgepodge, in the best way.

Anonymous said...

are all those images from the same house? incredible...

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

chinatown also for a tea for whatever ails you and mango ice cream.

Kate said...

These interiors are inspiring.

I hear you may be coming back to the East Coast soon. If so, want to help me with some design solutions?

Much love to you!

-Cpt. Kate

K said...

Thanks for sending out the Los Angeles love. I get awfully tired of defending one of my favorite cities in the world.(And I'm located in LA bashing central) People too often get caught up in the cliché or like to judge Los Angeles according to their standards of other cities. And really that is not possible because its a city like no other.

p.s. may I also recommend Reyner Banham's "Los Angeles, the architecture of four ecologies"

cerré said...

ah, how I love reyner banham! I totally forgot about him. Thank you for bringing him back into my thoughts.




What a space, so full of character and mazing pieces of furniture, i like the style very much.

david john said...

yeah LA!

this city is on fire.... and i'm glad to be here.. great posting on commune. a fantastic company.

they have an opening at heath this week with alma allen. should be fun!