barely bearing the heat.

with no a/c,
i haven't slept
much in the
past 3 days

hot hot brooklyn

today, I watched a couple
of kids unscrew a fire hydrant.
it was the right thing to do.

(photo of Marcia)


Anonymous said...

The natural a/c will be blowing over the Golden Gate Bridge any day now for a cool and foggy summer. Wish we could share it with you today! GC

Jeannie said...

no AC??! it's been ridiculous the past few days here in ny. :(

L.Cerre said...

yep. no a/c. it's been an incredible experience. I could say I live in Indonesia, Brooklyn.

urban jungle.

LaurenC said...

You will be in California soon. Can't wait to eat Tartine treats with you! Safe travels! LA

rhan small ernst said...

oh oh oh summer no ac...touchtouch studio faces the west and we have a tiny ac only in our bedroom and on hot days in los angeles the temperature climbs to 90 degrees...i feel for you, i absolutely wilt...i love do the right thing!!

Liz said...

Are you the photographer for all the images on your site?
And I was in Brooklyn last week and it was hot....I'm glad I'm not there right now for the heat wave!!! Keep it cool.

Liz said...
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Janet said...

Ohhhh, you find the most wonderful things! Hope it has cooled off a little...it has marginally improved in DC. Sigh.

molly said...

i remember riding my bike in that heat on elizabeth street and some kids had just opened a hydrant. i joined in immediately. you should try it, it's liberating.
i, too, had no a/c for the first five years of living in nyc.