the exchange
a short film by

Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti

I'm sure this has
been floating around
the world wide web
for sometime now.

yet I had to post it.
j.crew had the film streaming
on its website and then one day
I went back to watch it again
(because it was good)
...and it was gone.


- story line -
somewhere in the desert
2 ladies greet each other
and little by little they
end up switching

via: here

ps: I think these stills
would work well
as note cards.


JuliaFuentez said...

hahah i love itt:*

LaurenC said...

I saw this on the j. crew site and really enjoyed the aesthetic. Thanks for finding it!

Jeannie said...

oh so sweet.

Joanna Goddard said...

yes, such lovely images!