gone fishing

well...I didn't.
but my roommate did.

i'm drawn to the intricate
detailing of what they call
'imitation flies'

...and there's nothing like
an old creel basket.

have you ever
gone fly fishing?
caught anything?

man, it takes great patience
to cast that line and tie
all those knots!

ps: it's the closest most
of us get to catching
our own food.

a short from
the Carbondale
5 point film festival.


Anonymous said...

but flies are actually quite beautiful. (and not everyone can fly-fish). love the small space with the gorgeous blue paint and the painting...

Liz said...

what a wonderful blog you have! your images, phrases, words, are all inspiring.

Pam said...

Beautiful photographs.It is my husband's dream to be able to go fly fishing. Every time we have come within a whisker of an opportunity something has happened to take the dream away.Thank you for reminding me to somehow make his dream come true.Your blog is uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Really sweet short film on the father/ daughter fly fishing team, Kate and Mark. Happy Fathers Day! GC

Anonymous said...

Your father must have taught you everything you know about fishing. As a consequence,I hope you're not opposed to eating some meat to survive.


Jessica said...

I have always wanted to go fly fishing for some reason. i love those decorative hooks as well.

rachel said...

been reading for a while now. i love your blog!

i've gone fly fishing. i've caught fish while doing so. fun times.