If you're going to San Francisco...

be sure to wear some
flowers in your hair

I met Molly over in Paris.
After traveling around the globe,
Molly has decided to settle for a bit
in San Francisco, my hometown.
I asked if I could post photos
of her new flat in Noe Valley.

I was drawn to:

1. the green stairs
2. the big bay window
3. her lovely collection of
books, poetry and momentos

...and of course, the journal,
she is never without.

And I shall give credit
to her roommate, Loo,
who cultivated this
cozy homestead.

Thanks Molly!


Jo said...

it looks so bright and lovely!!!!
and I agree the green step are great.

kimberlee said...

SAN FRAN has HUGE appartments! wow look at those windows.