What should I do with all
these super tiny pieces of fabric?
What would Miuccia Prada do?

spring 08

...well, with larger pieces of fabric,
PRADA went all "Thumbelina" on us,
with the help of the best
young duo out there.
really out-there:

an obsession
of many textures:
hairnet paradise


janine de waal said...

Make a fantastic quilt! = )

Anonymous said...

well, you could sew them all together and recover the chair in your bedroom eliminating the need for a bright pillow...or sew them together in a long strip and back with a solid color and make a great scarf....or frame them individually and put them on the wall as textile art. or decopage them onto a piece of furniture.xxoo Lynnda

Jessica said...

I have no idea what you should do, but they sure are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hairnet paradise.. very cool. GC

lovely textiles said...

Erm, if you want any tips on quilting, let me know. Otherwise... what a lovely summer floaty curtain, sarong, kaftan, wrap, bag... knickers might be nice. New reader, love your blog, by the way. xe

marie said...

make a simple patchwork bag!
i made one a little while ago using bits of patterned fabric i had stored away

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Oh wow, those fabrics are amazing! Where did you find them?

waystoattack said...

yeah cocorosie are somethin' else

L.Cerre said...

so I found this fabric in a bag at a sketchy flea market on 23rd & 6th.

I waited around...asked who it belonged to and no one claimed it...so I took it. My friend took half.

So far, I've made a head scarf with one of the pieces....I think i will frame the rest and give them to friends.