Anarchy Rules
"Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy"
by Abby Banks

...so a little chaos is fun.
Sometimes I feel a bit burdened
by the esteemed world of design.
So I think my style tends to fall between:
clean elegance + pack-rat eclecticism.
I try to control my piles and random collections,
but maybe I should embrace it more?
perfection is kinda boring...much less,

I think of Archigram's
psychedelic urban wanderings
...and these "makeshift-decor" spaces
photographed by Bilyana Dimitrova

These interiors feel like a Bernardo Bertolucci film:
passionate, surreal, spontaneous, unrestrained
Didn't our dadaist-friend, André Breton,
call this" automatism"?

Give me day-glow pink!
Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test


Snobber said...

i looooooove the one with the bicycle.

Henry said...

did they combine two of our books?

L.Cerre said...

Indeed Henry, it's a lot like your beautiful book "Spaced-Out"

"Crash pads, hippie communes, infinity machines, and other radical environments of the psychedelic sixties."

...Coming out this spring from RIZZOLI

L.Cerre said...

Forgot to give the author...
"Spaced-Out" by Alastair Gordon

Henry said...

Yeah, you said "your beautiful book," I almost started to feel some bizarre ownership over this book.

Like being the parent of some useless celeb-utante-tard.

Babelfish said...

I also fall between love of clean elegance + pack-rat eclecticism...it's difficult to choose when there's so much beauty out there (love the second image).

pia said...

wow that third room is crazy.