~bedroom nook~

The canopy looks like
Marimekko, and it's on Ebay
Cotton "Kaivo" $38/yd
here and here

(photo credit: Simon Upton)


Anonymous said...

I love this! such a good idea and the colors are sooo fresh and inviting. great place to wake up in the morning. Lynnda

Anonymous said...

Lee -- Of all the blogs in all this blog-bleary world, yours is really the best. I visit it almost every day, loving your elegant sense of taste and admiring your discerning eye. Starting the day with "2or3Things" is as good as it gets -- like a wonderful, warm, frothy latte.
Keep it up. We're all following your lead.

Love/Garry Mitchell

.vanessa said...

beautiful beautiful room!
just thought i would also share - my first prints from my diana+ camera are up on my blog if your interested :)

Anonymous said...


i agree with garry mitchell...i look forward to visiting your site daily! xxooLynnda

Jessica said...

your posts have been really interesting recently - great mix of design...the rooms are always so appealing.

love the pillows..


L.Cerre said...

ah, thanks guys! such kinds words.

LaurenC said...

Lee, thanks for posting this. I might have skimmed over this one in a magazine because it is so simple. But, the simple part is what I love the most! Thanks for sharing images, ideas and designs that make me think and allow me to take a moment to admire.