Sigur Rós
returns home


'at home' / 'homeland'

After years of traveling the globe,
the Icelandic Alt. rock group, Sigur Rós,
longed to return home and play for the
very country and people who helped
cultivate their distinct sound.

The beautiful film, Heima,
documents the 2 week journey of Sigur Rós
as they played free, unannounced concerts for
the people and places that make up "home".
Whether it was in old factories, community halls,
barely fields, or at the foot of majestic mountains,
old & young grabbed a blanket
and listened to their famed-boys
play just for them.

watch trailer
The film has a beautifully
eerie "Pink Floyd" feeling


ola said...

hej, I just discovered your blog and feel very familiar with your mixture,
can I say it like that? so thanks,
there is so much I feel happy to find;
what is urban farming about?

Anonymous said...

Lee, I had never heard of this group, love the trailer and want to see this documentary...beautiful visuals, and i am taken by the music...going to turn matthew on to it. L.B.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Wow! The film looks great. Who can blame them for wanting to return to such a beautiful place.

Snobber said...

this is so cool! i loooove sigur ros.

Joanna Goddard said...

sooo cool. i would love to watch this.

btw, i think sigur ros is The Best Music to Have Sex to.

Cesiete said...

i love sigur ros. Is true joanna say.
The trailer is wonderful.