reminds me of my new york.
always modest furnishings.
a furnace, a window
a chair, a desk.

and a glass of pens.

nyc tomorrow
places to go, people to see
i hope i haven't missed 
the first snow.

ph: rudy burckhardt


beauty comma said...

lucky, lucky you. ny in december is on my wish list. hope you'll have a great time!

LaurenC said...

have a great trip. See you in Todos.

ashley said...

love the rudy's room photo, very humble. have fun in new york!

The Art Cupboard said...

lovely photo :)

Haley said...

This whole post is so...lovely. Really, really wonderful. I love the photo, and the simple poem.

Haley Wulfman

Unknown said...

great...great that you will be in nyc...;))

etc,etc said...