lighter layers

when will it end!
the aggressive 80's fashion
swarming the city streets
 magazines and stores.

it's been 2 years
of severe severe darkness.
leather, shoulders, spike heels
studs, ridiculous fashion editor attire
everyone looks so "affected"
well all need to chill out.

ah, but i feel a sweet feminine
revolution beginning to blossom:
nouveau french seventies romance
floral crop blouses, long skirts
patch work jeans, beige,
suede, and floppy hats
chanel sp 10

i have no desire
to look edgy.

i'm good to go with
some patched jeans and
a flower in my shirt pocket.

ps: until spring,
my winter uniform:
ali mcgraw in "a love story"
 plaid skirt with tights & pea coat
anna karina in band of outsiders
red stockings too.

photo credits:

1. filippa berg  2. marni sp 10
3. facehunter 4. sartorialist &
 facehunter 5. jak & jil
6. sartoralist 7. jak & jil


radioisfree said...

if i were woman
it's how i'd stand

not quite defiant
but in control/command.

Anonymous said...

OMG thanks for finally saying it!
some refinement please

by land by air by sea said...

why not be oneself

that is

the whole secret of

a successful appearance.

if one is a


why try to look

like a pekingese?

( edith sitwell )

www.partisannyc.com said...

This rings true. Studs and black leather have temporarily lost all meaning. Black has become so safe and expected it's time to retire the hard look for awhile. A real tough girl can take a risk.

jd said...

fashion is what you are offered.

style is what you choose.

beauty comma said...

i'm with jd and by land by air by sea. let's ignore the fashion we don't like and have some fun being creative! (and try to overlook the fact that most teenagers seem to have forgotten the existence of the 'skirt' concept. oh, i'm growing old... i think one should wear a skirt, not just tights and a top)

If Jane said...

love the 70's and love the 90's...

jezebel said...

fresh air

ieva jansone said...

jaaa, 80's that's the worst decade. actually the only one which i really hate! (perhaps because i was teenage back then?) ;)

gina said...

I've met Ali McGraw a time or two at Todos Santos :^)
She's still looking s'marvelous.

Tacky is what comes to mind when reminded of '80s fashion although I'll admit to loving Norma Kamali back in the day. And Michele Lamy!

Haley said...

Absolutely lovely, I feel the same way. Thumbs up to soft, calm style.

Haley Wulfman

Anonymous said...

Ah Filippa, she is always an inspiration!

Kristin said...

I loved this post. I have no desire to look edgy, either.