here on the range i belong
pledging my love to the ground

i'll keep rolling along.
drifting with the tumbling

ps: the tumble weed in my sister's
bungalow really ties the


marie said...

when i was a freshman in college, by best friend had a tumble weed in her dorm room. an old boyfriend had just relocated to wyoming and mailed it to her as a present. when we moved out of the dorms in may, we set it free in the arboretum. this reminds me of that, makes me smile.

Lark said...

I've never seen a tumbleweed in real life, they are very romantic to me.

Ellen said...

that reference made me laugh so much. i love that movie.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

It's an American beauty sort of thing, if you know what I mean.

radioisfree said...

living in west texas in the mid-seventies, there were still tumbleweeds that blew in with the spring winds. they'd pile up under trucks and cars and in backyards. they were a beautiful nuisance - by that i mean i didn't see the beauty until now; they were a nuisance back then. happy thanksgiving to you et.al.

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...


radioisfree said...


i read about those
motorcycle diaries
and then how to repair them
(there was zen in all that -
and maybe a little xenophobia too).

i was scared
and you pulled me
made me think i was
some kind of soldier in all this

the money that flowed in
made me feel less effective
as a soldier; more like
a mercenary -
in it for only
what i could bleed out
for you.

don't get me wrong
i reaped part of the reward
but i'm taking my cut back
to the land
that created me -

rolling on -
to the exit
lane in the west texas

-jim hill (11-25-09)

Colorado Photos said...

Wow!..tumble weed..Its amazing...
I have never seen before!
Love that Movie.