down in LA

...where the light
makes me feel a bit
closer to Mexico

I'm not mexican
but mexico has always been
a great comfort to me and my family.
i think it might be a california thing.

you know,
our population is
almost 50 / 50 now.

i would be down
if we all switched
to spanish.

if you live in california
you gotta speak some spanish.
it should be a requirement.


fitz said...

I haven't spent much time in Mexico but it has I feel like Californians (southern especially) absorb Mexican culture almost by osmosis. The beauty of their tradition is enjoyed by many, but there is still such a disturbing undercurrent echoed in that Dobbs piece. My high school was absolutely reflective of the 50/50 ratio, yet so much prejudice. In children it seems to come down to language.

Gregorio said...

¡Estas fotos son geniales! Te invito a ver Casa Gregorio.

alex sunday said...

whoa, beautiful....
mexico is definitely on my list of places to explore.

by land by air by sea said...

"un artista no es pobre nunca..."


louise and nivaldo de lima said...

But where is that place? It's perfect. I've been dreaming of lying on those loungers all day. SO chilled and private and like home, but better.

david john said...

hey there welcome to LA!!!
the weather has been great lately..
enjoy your stay.

david john


pushingtide said...

and spit back.

Marchi Wierson said...

beautifulbeautifulbeautiful blog. smart, interesting, visually inspired, literate; love

Eric said...

My boyhood home in Mexico had a cloister garden. Every room had at least one door that opened to outdoor space. When I moved to America, the concept of going from one room to another without stepping outdoors was fascinating to me...like the rest stops on the Interstates and the drive-thrus.

ro said...

hi lee,
where are pictures one and two?

vivian said...

from cold rainy holland, i love you're post.
dreaming about the sun and clear skies.

TheCluelessCrafter said...

I covered some old wooden trays with textiles reminiscent of the above. I serve coffee to my hubby on that tray every morning, a definite joy to a potentially gloomy end-of-fall day.

Mens casual jackets said...

These pics are gorgeous! The scenery is amazing. I need to find out where that is!

Alan said...

amazing pool view!

silvina said...

excelente blog! me encanta el estilo...y este post!

jd said...

don't know about the lovely little pool, but the patio looks like Ace Palm Springs.

Colorado Photos said...

Fabulous blog! Beautiful photos.My favorite is the very last one.
It's absolutely gorgeous, so feminine and dreamy.