the time has come
my friends

if you look to your
left, you'll see an ad
...or two.

after a year of
holding back, weary
 of advertising on a blog...

i have decided to
embrace an ad or two
as a means to sustain this
 curious & exposed lady
i call 2 or 3 things

and in this rhythm
of surrendering to new
ideas and possibilities

i have made it
a personal design challenge
to advertise companies that
mean something to me.

companies that try look
at objects, design, media
in a different way.

 I expect you
to be suspect

and thus, i hope this
continues the dialogue
i enjoy so much



rachel said...

It won't stop me from reading your lovely site :)

ctstyle said...

Not a problem. Good luck to you!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Weird! I just made the decision to test it too with Google... Still haven't made a decision yes or no...

Scott said...

there is no shame in capitalism. ask ayn rand.

T|B|M said...

Well put.
Who can argue.
I'm sure you'll continue in great taste and style never-the-less.
Your lady looks better than ever these days.
Keep it up.

LaurenC said...

I will always love and follow your blog with or without ads. We take from you daily as you share beautiful things with us. You deserve something back. Keep posting away

Anonymous said...

big up!

Maria said...

I noticed this on the last post and thought "she's found a way to make this long-term and an integral to her life...by extension, ours". I am delighted.

When you in NYC?

terra said...

i did not even notice,
i've been skimming thru your posts here
and what wonderful things you've shared here !
a great eye for things

J Elaine said...

I trust your decision. I will continue reading your blog. Promise.

Anonymous said...

credit to whom credit is due:


Jacob Heftmann said...

first ad I got was for TOMS and that's 100% okay by me!

radioisfree said...

I don't suspect you for any reason! you have shown yourself to be a devoted follower of your own passions and interests. hell, even pbs takes money from haliburton!! i don't think that any advertisers will subvert what you offer us via your blog. two or three things, as a lady, will continue to be a shining light. best of luck to you - jim

djpinksweatshirt said...

I enjoy the images on this blog a great deal and you are welcome to do whatever you like with it. I only comment since you seem to be inviting it. Since this site is about your interest or passion for design, why do you need to make money off of it at all? I do not know you or your financial situation but it seems like this would be a scant amount of income (once again, I do not know your ad rates on amount of readership and you are welcome to keep these to yourself should you like) for monetizing something that seems very personal. I'm not sure exactly what I am getting at but as a stranger who reads this excellent blog, I find this choice confusing.

Muffy Sainte-Marie said...

I agree with pinksweatshirt. I felt a small sadness to read the news that you are now selling advertising on your blog...I love what you share...I love the very spirit of sharing in the blogosphere...I hold it as one arena that is blissfully free of marketing. advertising. selling. These little corners where we can hide, safe in the feeling/illusion that the world is still 'ours', are getting harder and harder to find...
Just my two bits. xx Muffy

Anonymous said...

Totally support your blog and your decision. A little advertising would never stop me from visiting your site! YOU GO.... xxoo Lynnda