mountain of storms
part 1 (1968)

was a big hit
when i projected it
on my wall last

well, the secret
is out now.

starring: yvon chouinard
doug tompkins, dick dorworth
and chris jones.

it doesn't get better
than this.

ps: 180 south


PageOne said...

shoot the pier!

excellent intro... thank ya.

jeff said...

Great to see this old classic out of the box; it always was me dad's favourite climbing movie. If you can find it, I would highly recommend SOLO by Mike Hoover. The perfect short film of a perfect day in the mountains.
cheers, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

you know what they say...

if they can dance

and surf

they can make love.

Heather Frazier said...

Is that Doug Tompkins who started Esprit?

cerré said...

Indeed, Doug started Esprit

T|B|M said...

A new film, inspired by the 68' trip, is coming soon...



cerré said...

ah, I can't wait! thanks Tyler for sharing the link.

fitz said...

This is rad!! Thanks for sharing. Such a little treasure. They really don't make them like this anymore.

Michelle said...

i keep meaning to share this--dane reynolds' blog:
i think you might like it.

(really enjoyed this video. my dad's a climber too and i had to send it along to him.)

Anonymous said...

So Cool. Love the Pier ride.