open city

street art by fausto delle chiale

less is more

more is better

more cherubs, more marble,
more frescos, more mozzarella buffalo,
more wine, more doric columns, more churches
more heels, more olive oil, more prosciutto,
more patrons painted in the paintings,
more priests dressed in fine suits,
more mafia, more opulence,
more bernini, more fellini,
more beautiful women,
more irony, more sin
more baroque
si si!

confess it all to the priest,
and do it all over again!

new york just sins

but roman's sin better, fuller.
they sin elegantly, with class.
they sin with self respect.
they sin for culture for
happiness for...
la dolce vita

to be continued...


V said...

like it...

franksavi said...

Just found out your blog and I love it. Keep the good stuff coming.

beauty comma said...

hello! i just found you via automatism and have been scrolling like mad through your blog. i love the posts from rome and firenze. i visited these places last year and am very pleased to be able to revisit through your lovely photos. hope you've got more in store!

If Jane said...

oh i am in love with this post!!!! all that i love about roma...;))

†vanιa†™ said...

I like so much your photographies ^^

ieva jansone said...

you're fabulous

Anonymous said...

it's true what you say... new york sins for sin's sake... italy (and spain) just do what they do, and you can call it what you call it....

radioisfree said...

i scroll through your blog and my beliefs are challenged. i realized that i've lived as a small man in a small town with rather small and limited ideas. could it be that a larger world and a super-understanding of its inner-workings await me? thanks so much for your inspiration.

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