"everything about florence seems
to be colored in a mild violet,
like diluted wine"

henry james


fitz said...

these florence posts are seriously pulling at my heart strings. as usual, you've got a lovely eye!

fitz said...

ps it is the color of royalty, after all. for further reference, see: palazzo pitti, near the boboli gardens

R4TH said...

make sure you see the Fra Angelico Fresco's at saint marco convent-incredible.

by land by air by sea said...

you remind me to so many years ago...my first trip to italy.
i was walking, then stopped outside the entrance, to a little local, nondescript chapel.
i stepped inside, only to discover the most incredibly beautiful and delicate fresco,
there, on a wall,
no guards, no fee,
no museum,
no person.
i could have wept for all the beauty.
for months afterwards, i wished only to have been born in italy.
one never gets over birthright.
so many injustices.