I don't think annie leibovitz
could art direct a better
photo than this

it's every journalist's
nightmare to become

"the story"

but as laura & euna's "story"
unfolds over the next few days,
you'll see how little it all
matters in the end.

whether they crossed
the border or not,

it doesn't matter

journalists take risks
for us, to expose injustice
to uncover the truth
to make reforms,
to save lives

and sometimes
with the flip of a dice
the story will suddenly
bite you in the ass, a
bullet could pierce,
....a mousetrap
could be set.

play with fire

the past 4.5 months
have been an emotional
rollercoaster, to say
the least.

its awful to live
everyday knowing
that your friend's are
imprisoned far away

its an incredible
feeling of darkness
and helplessness

as the news came in today,
we shed tears of joy for
our freed comrades

and tears
tonight for
the fallen


Anonymous said...

your suffering for your comrades is commendable

Gina said...

Yes... so very many tears.

Erica said...


Anonymous said...

I heard this morning on the news in England that they are on their way home, wonderful.

KT said...

i was so excited about the news yestertday. and, it's so great to share the joy of the two journalists' safe return with everyone who had awaited and seen how things would turn out around the blobe, via your blog, isn't it?

cerre said...

It's so wonderful to hear from people all around the world. Today is a great day. I'm so glad we can share it together. :)

a sigh of relief.


Dianna said...

I saw this on the front page of the NYT this morning and was so relieved, and thankful and excited. I wouldn't have known about their plight if it hadn't been for your blog... A huge sigh of relief!

janis said...

amen ...

LaurenC said...

Thank you, thank you. As always, you say things better than I can. Today is the best day. Welcome home sweet Laura and Euna. Amazing journalists and even better friends. WHAT A DAY!

ama reynolds said...

thank you for your words, for the tears they brought to my eyes, for the reminder of what is important, what is lost, what is found.

louise de Lima said...

Incredible! I'm so moved and so happy for them and their families. Goodness knows what they've been through. It just shows that one must never give up hope!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. Your eye is consistently exceptional, and I appreciate the spare layout of your writing, too.

Liking it so much, I find myself wanting form to meld with content all the way through. Especially for such an intensely felt piece as this.

The problem with using such a 'poetic' text layout is that it can encourage hyperbole ('EVERY journalist's nightmare') and affectations ('our freed COMRADES'. When was the last time you referred to your friends as 'comrades'?)

Also, technically-speaking, you put apostrophes where inappropriate and leave them out where needed:

play with fire

ITS awful to live
everyday knowing
that your FRIEND'S are
imprisoned far away

ITS an incredible
feeling of darkness
and helplessness

You may say it doesn't matter, but as a writer, I read with the same love for and keen, natural sense of the right and even sublime in meaning as you so keenly and accurately see the right and sublime* in the visual.

As, guessing from your consistently discerning, sophisticated, genuine and loving eye, you crave in the visual the same clarity and consciousness that I crave in text, a clarity that helps me enter it completely, love it, feel it, embrace its vision, not stand apart from it, distrust it.

I imagine that some may be initially moved to rebuke me for responding to such an emotional piece with a technical remark. They would be misunderstanding that my response is simply wishing more of form so that I can more deeply and trustingly access content.

*and even transcendent. Masters of an art, of course, can push the envelope toward an 'un-right' that's yet newly right.

cerre said...


I wish you could be my editor.

maybe I shouldn't write my posts late at night when I'm so exhausted.

its hard to post everyday. It would be nice to have a little help.



ieva jansone said...

i'm happy with you!
so good..