ever tried
ever failed
no matter
try again
fail again

fail better

samuel beckett


david john said...

wonderful words with wonderful paintings.

such great sentiment...

all the best,
david john

joy said...

The Hamlet cutout is my favorite. I wish I had friends to do arts and crafts with. I would love to try this out.

grant said...

great to hear that your friends were released!

and pertaining this post and your blog i reckon that that when you do fail, its gracefully.

be well, stay gold!

If Jane said...

love the first painting...
a bit nervous about the quote...;)))

RO.MA. said...

oh! I really looove those paintings!

ancient industries said...

His sources are impeccable. The Hamlet painting is a direct copy of a poster designed for the Lyceum Theatre, London, by the Beggarstaff Brothers in 1894.