weekend retreat

The Maltman House
Silverlake bungalow
$2800 / 2br

jacaranda trees

if you ever fly over
Mexico City during the
springtime, the endless
city sprawl is consumed
by purple blotches of
jacaranda blosoms.

more pics

ps: going to LA tomorrow.
any ideas as to where
I should go?


juliet small ernst said...

perhaps have a pho lunch at pho cafe in silverlake. or hit up moca and get some noodles in little tokyo. see "shampoo" at the hollywood forever cemetary late at night. oh, or farmer's market at fairfax and 3rd, then head on up to family bookstore.

have fun in los angeles!

pushingtide said...

Go surf!!

LaurenC said...

Can't wait to see you and share L.A. with you. It's warm!

cathy of california said...

reform school in silver lake. viet noodle in atwater. yes, shampoo at the cemetary - a must. intelligensia does make a damn good cup of coffee. it's bloody hot here so pack lightly. the verdugo in glassel park. the park (resturant) in echo park. have fun!

Annie Empiric said...

palihouse is my latest favorite and my most recent post. Welcome!

jess gonacha said...

YOur blog is really lovely! I'm so glad I found it. :)

And yes, go to Reform School while you're in LA!

Anonymous said...

ah yes....a couple of hours with Warren should never be turned down...especially late at night! xxooLynnda

read me... said...

Go to The Getty... have fun whatever you decide to do!!

molly said...

Reform school, for sure. Then Intellegista coffee almost next door.
Clover is a really cute shop.
French General, which is only open on Fridays, but worth the trip.
Eat at Blair's for dinner.

Liz said...

that weekend retreat sounds delicious.... how lovely!

Lyn Spataro said...

i dream of that little house! love it. from your latest posts sounds like your having fun in LA! always enjoy visiting your site.

The Divinitus said...

from a bit now, i'm so tempted to get tricolor cow pillows...