and I think of these 2 spaces:

1. the opera house
2. the library


Werner Herzog
Klaus Kinski

one man's love
of the opera takes
him on an insane
journey up the
amazon river.

a lot like Hearts of Darkness
Burden of Dreams, documents
the pure insanity of Herzog & Kinski
during the making of the film.
...among other things.

NY Public Library

whenever people
visit nyc, i always take
them to the library.

the reading room has
to be one of the most
inspiring spaces
in the city.

i like the idea of
breakfast at tiffany's
and the choreography
of requesting a book
...and dressing for
the occasion.


Anonymous said...

i could look at photos of libraries forever. thank you.
speaking of herzog and kinski, have you seen "my best fiend"? fabulous. (and of course one of herzog's latest films--- "white diamond")...

Liz said...

i was just in ny, and if i had read this post a few weeks ago, i would've definitely checked it out. didn't realize how beautiful it was in there! next time...i hope.

inkysocks said...

Yum, the library. I was on a 7-day boat trip with Herzog once. I'm enjoying your blog, and tagged you over on mine, if you are in the mood...

Snobber said...

so amazing on all accounts.