L & T just moved to LA
they are looking for furniture.
know of any good cheap stores?

( photos by T )

"from russia with hate"

( a film by L )


Anonymous said...

Very powerful films on difficult and dangerous subject matter.

Anonymous said...

incisive and experiential work you can't see on any of the major news networks.

L.Cerre said...

russia with hate is incredible. and we have just found out that it is up for several awards. good going lauren!

if you wanna seem more goodies. check out tyler's "HI SHREDABILITY" episodes at Vice:


L.Cerre said...

let me fix that URL:


Anonymous said...

i love the photos....

Le Bouton said...

excellent work!
welcome to LA.
if you're up for it, the pasadena/rose bowl flea market is this sunday. possible furniture treasures.

LaurenC said...

Thanks for the post Lee. I shot the documentary a year ago and it still haunts me.

Yes, I am going to the Rose Bowl Flea this weekend and I'm excited to find lots of great things.

If you are in LA, I just found this great site....thisisnotikea.com!

K said...

I have found so many great pieces on 'the recycler' seems to be better than craigslist and it works in Los Angeles because there is such a wealth of modern furniture that was inherited by those that have no idea what they are or just want Dad's 'ugly old chairs'(i.e. enter any modern designer here) out of the house.

You just have to know names and what you are looking for. Or take a chance on that 'modern sofa' in the valley.