enamel, plastic tray, blue liquid

3 . 2 . 1
zak kitnick

zak gave me a
nice tour of the
Navy Yards

2 or 3 things to know...

1. Zak doesn't read fiction

2. he is amazed by the scale of things:
bolts, bridge trusses, horses...and
the navy yard where he works.

3. loves dolly parton and bruce springsteen.

4. he draws, paints, sculpts, cuts...
no medium is neglected.

5. his work has the "raw, awkward energy
and sharp social commentary"
of downtown nyc - 1980's

6. zing would love him!

7. on May 16 (7-9 pm)
he'll be over here

8. plowshares

1 comment:

LaurenC said...

I'm loving the industiral look of his space and work. Love the blues. Thanks for posting and glad you two were able to connect via a certain someone!