william wurster

gregory ranch house 1927

I like the
semi-coiled garden hose,
and the wood pile outside
the wide front door.

There's something to be said
about a house in its transition
from winter to spring.

during winter, things
get a bit disheveled, overgrown.
green spouts of weeds and broken
clay pots often litter the garden.
A kind of wild west out back.

I mean,
who really wants to live
in a glossy magazine spread,
when imperfections can
be so liberating.


Remiss63 said...

Thank you for posting this Wurster house. I've seen it only in photographs taken at the time, but not how it appears today. I would love to visit there.

I'm researching a contemporary of Wurster, Saint Louis modern architect Harris Armstrong in my blog Architectural Ruminations.

Jo said...

i am a big fan of imperfection and funnily posted about it yesterday:)

Murray said...

How boring is perfection, it's the imperfect that really catches one's eye and says the most about who you are, how you live and so on.

Lovely post and blog.

lovely textiles said...

great words and sentiment... another amazing building. makes me think of porches - something we really don't do over here (uk) like you guys do.

MR said...

the gregory farm house is by far the best work of w. wurster.

to my knowledge the house never had and never will have electricity.

it belongs to the family that started sunset magazine and they need to run a piece on it.

vishalkhandelwal said...

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