my mom
came to visit me.

for 2 days
she stayed with me.
we walked to the water.
And she saw many things.

ps: listening to fortune for free.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics...Lynnda

Anonymous said...

oh you mum seems so hip!

LaurenC said...

Wish I was there. La

SB said...

i've been reading you re blog for a while, I thought you were a boy.
I think i like you a little more now.

Patricia Veltri said...

my mom is coming to see me sunday
and i'm loving it
i live in holland and she in brazil
by the way, beautiful pictures
lovelly landscape...

Jet Lag said...

I love the pic with the water between your mother and the city...is it Los Angeles?

.vanessa said...

beautiful top photo!