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Palazzo Chupi

Julian Schanbel's latest
art project has taken the form
of a 12 story apartment building
in Manhattan's West Village.
Filmmaker, now architect?

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How to describe 'Chupi'...

1. pink, sandstone, "Pompeii red" layer cake.
2. neo-Moorish, arched-window monument to ego.
3. "Baby-Boomer Bohemian Bourgeois"_living
4. ...a monster?

It's so bizarre that I like it.

(Photo credit: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair)


anne said...

those photos are so beautiful! clicking around i just noticed that they are from robert polidori. that's certainly someone who can make any place look wonderful ;)

interesting read altogether: aparently people do not like the color of the house. i would love to look at that around here all day, i think the color is the best thing about it.

thank you for sharing!

janine de waal said...


ola said...

good inspiration for my bath design work today

Anonymous said...

but what can't he do? :)

P said...

I think the color is fabulous. New Yorkers can use a shot of color in a sea of gray and brown.

Love your blog.

henry said...

I see your 2001 reference and I raise you Bill Murray from Rushmore jumping into the SchnabelPool/

Jessica said...

I adore that pool!!

LaurenC said...

I want to swim in that thing.

Anonymous said...

I like it too! xxooLynnda

h.garr said...

i would love to snuggle into that living room and just look. i'm sure there is plenty to see and discover. thank you for the beautiful inspiration, as always.

Michael said...

it's wondrous!

i want to live in it.


gracia said...

So brilliant... thanks for sharing.

Joanna Goddard said...

what an amazing place to live.