The first blog I ever read.
I'm a four year veteran.

me at 21.
moby at 21

It all began when
I was a newcomer to nyc. 19.
I think I was drawn to Moby's
daily reflections on mundane
things, like, the weather.

It was comforting to
read about snow falling
on his feet, just as it
fell on mine.

...his travels from
one place to
the next.

...homesickness too.

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considering moby's
rock star_super_ status,
his posts + photos are truly
honest & expressive in thought.
everything is so approachable,
laid back and revealing.
...as if you, the world,
are a dear old

ps: he cares about things.


Anonymous said...

I love how normal he is (seems). It adds to his allure as a person and musician.

Klara Eriksson said...

I get happy by surfing your blogg!!