A summer moment
2 pink things I found
on the street

1.$5 pink blouse
2. $10 Indian dress

some like it hot.
I can't wait until summer.
sweaty arms, sittin' on the steps,
old men play cards on the stoops,
bare legs, drinking egg creams
and just hangin' around.
pretty simple stuff;
being hot,
I guess.

beijing was hot hot.
people practically live outside.
...move all their furniture out too.


marie said...

oh it's so strange i'm finished with summer and have been looking hopfully for signs of autumn..
some leaves have started turning red and we have had a few puddles already!

lovely textiles said...

Wow. wonderful photos - I'm pining now.

Jo said...

love the little dress...I cannot wait until the whether is warm enough to wear something like that.

Lies said...

O Lee! I hadn't checked your blog for a wee wile and it's like a treasure chest! Sweetest donkey, sublime linnenkast, Chiarra-pretty-stick-photo-oh!, stunning Prada short-link, YOUR PIECES ARE JUST FAB, like your SF-friend's house and for a sec I thought China was India.
Don't you miss Paris, like me?

Janet said...

Oh, I love these photographs of Beijing. Reminds me of growing up in Hong Kong. It is so awful though that Blogger is blocked in China!

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, i can't believe you found those things in the street--the dress is especially pretty!