2 or 3 things I love...

1. The 40's feel of the apartment
blue kitchen banquet seats, a diner-style table,
an insanely large brass doorbell, white cupboards and tiny alcoves
(perfect for scattering old picture frames and flower vases)

2. African accents
graphic textiles, reed wall art,
animal figurines and carved wooden chairs

3. Raoul Textiles
Madeleine's mother, Sally McQuillan,
is the founder of the acclaimed Raoul Textiles.
Sally's breezy florals, whimsical paisleys and
beach inspired graphics are hand-printed
in her Santa Barbara studio

In order to create a 3rd room out of a 2 bed-apt.,
Madeleine mounted Raoul fabric over an insulation pad
to create a beautiful divider between the living/former dinning space.


LaurenC said...

I love the woven piece above the fireplace. Great texture and excellent idea.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

It's all absolutely gorgeous. Oh to have Sally as a mother. Lucky dogs.:-)