In the country, outside Beijing

Staying at this inspiring rural eco-ranch outside Beijing and was taken on a mind-blowing journey up an untouched portion of the Great Wall by a young Tibetan man. Indeed, the misty and quiet mountains around me was a silent reminder that I'm indeed far away from home these days. The climb was so steep and treacherous at times (only wearing Converse), that I kept on thinking about all the Chinese who worked and often died to build this over 6,000 mile epic barrier across the length of China...gripping the old wall stones with my bare hands, where people haven't touched for centuries, is a once in a lifetime experience. What a journey this has been!

I'm just so fascinated by this country.


Carlene said...

Incredible photos. I'm so envious.

jody said...

Hey Lee, Love your photos of China and thoughtful comments, I visit your Blog weekly. I love it. I smiled when i read that you hiked in your Converse in China... seems like I remember hiking with you and your Converse in CA.