layer your mats

its easy
to get stuck on
natural fiber

it never talks
too loud or shows
too much

but now that
it's hot in new york,
one can no longer
be modest.

layer it up.

go bold.

get sweaty

get funky.


Karen + Sara said...


ave estudio said...

love those layered carpets! amazing color too, best wishes from uruguay, south america xoxo

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i concur.


Dominique K said...

Beaucoup de découvertes sur la Cie du Sénégal .... Merci !

madera y zinc said...

Lovely carpets!

amourette said...

gorgeous selection

werkstätte carl auböck said...

get sweaty ,funky and all.. ok.
but look out that then a good cool splash of water can be applied + that great annick goutal "eau de" is around.

genevieve said...

So much inspiration here! I have been toying with the idea of layered patterns on the floor...this post is telling me to go for it. Gorgeous!!