jack halloway

anatomy of an object

"sun weathered urchin spines
procured from the dump of a
rural fishing camp in Baja"

jack halloway
always makes beautiful
things out of the most
humble materials.

his home is like
a laboratory

ph: jack halloway
(under construction)
& maura mcevoy

ps: art forms from the ocean:
the radiolarian atlas of 1862

by ernst haeckel


Kickcan and Conkers said...

This artwork is beautiful, thank you.
Do you know Tanya Goodwin's work? You might like her razorblade shell creations:


Anonymous said...

I love urchins. Hate when I step on them. Thanks for posting.

jokemijn said...

never seen one but they make a beautiful artwork i also love the colour.

Ian H. Smith said...

I really like that flip-flop pic. That art forms from the ocean search you linked to is gold btw.

COCOCOZY said...

Very cool. What is the comb like thing used for?

<a href="http://www.cococozy.com>COCOCOZY</a>

julio.espada said...

Dear reader,
Proceed with caution. This blog is addictive...

You are about to enter a zone of extreme beauty and very sensitive individuals of extraordinary talent in Mr. Halloway and Ms. Mcevoy...

Dear Blogger,
Where do you unearth all these treasures?

T H A N K S !