are these
architectural forms
dated or timeless?

"the regulating line is a
guarantee against wilfulness.

it brings satisfaction
to the understanding."

le corbusier
towards a new architecture


the metz


Katey Dutton said...

I was recently having a debate about this. I feel modern streamlined architecture is reaching that "classic" design point. We are at the point where early 1900's De Stijl - 1950-70's ranches are old enough that the styles don't look dated and can be termed a classic design style. When the bones are good, the bones are good...and these bones are GOOD.

Anonymous said...

awww, I love Corbusier! I have a fantastic book called From Bauhaus to your house...he is a frequent contributor....sweet one liners about design. Love it!

Karena said...

I agree that the early contemporary designs are becoming classics. I am thinking as well of some of the wrap around ranches with wings opening to courtyards. Seeing more & more people going contemporary.

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Michael said...

dated and timeless. it's perfect.

Simply Defined Design said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!
Best, C

Aron said...

This one, clearly timeless.


A machine for living in...while at the same time a reintroduction to nature. Love it